For a different tourism

We make every effort to accommodate our guests in the best possible conditions but also to make them discover the region of Cognac and its different facets.

We gladly spend time to talk to our visitors, to tell them about this beautiful Grandet Champagne region where is located the cottage Le Maine Des Rois, but also the other "Crus de Cognac"! So to begin to discover what we offer, read on!


Meeting an independant Cognac producer

During your stay at Le Maine Des Rois, you can have the possibility to meet an independent producer of Cognac!
Alain and Dany Chadutaud will be happy to receive you in their vineyard that  is in their family for three generations! They'll explain anything about Cognac and Pineau and will also explain their fight to produce organic grapes in Cognac country, the vineyard being converted organic since 1999.

You will discover and taste their range of organic wines, Pineau and Cognac and enjoy a local aperitif made ​​from Cognac and carbonated grape juice, a freshness and a unique taste!
And if you wish, we can drive you there so that the tasting is not a problem for you !

More information about Alain Chadutaud Cognac
La maison et le caveau de cognac Alain Chadutaud

Some tourism off the beaten tracks

We'll be happy to tell you the secret places in our area!
Whether a desire to picnic or a walk along the Charente river, we'll tell you "some spots" not to be missed!
The region is full of small and wild landscaped areas for a picnic in a quiet place and fresh air like that one on the photo below! 

And if you feel like to ride the available bikes, you can discover the charm of the Grande Champagne.
Be careful with your calves because Grande-Champagne is not really flat !

We'll be happy to explain you where you can find nice view points or beautiful landscapes.

La Charente et les écluss de Saint-Simeux

Meetings with crafstmen

The area has many craftsmen such as an Upholsterer, a painter in watercolors or a shop saling only products of French craftsmanship!

You will be able to meet these artisans who love their art. In fact you should see Gilles; the Upholsterer, working to renovate armchairs, Marine talking about her latest collection of towels woven on century old looms or admire Marie-Therese when painting a watercolor!

Of course you can participate in a renovation chair course or order your own watercolor with the topic you  like!

We will be delighted to help you discover these artisans and can accompany you if you wish!

Nothing better than bringing gifts to the family or friends gifts that you can choose or order directly from the artisans.


The exhibitions at Le Maine Des Rois cottage

In order to live the cottage when it is not rented, we kindly organized exhibitions with a producer and artisans of the region.

The sales exhibition of 10 November 2012

For the second consecutive year, Le Maine Des Rois held a sales exhibition in the cottage Saturday, Nov. 10, 2012
As last year, the artisans were present:
  • Alain Chadutaud presented its range of Cognac, Pineau Charentais and wine (all organic) 
  • Marine Boutique presented its range of linens and towels, its lanterns and candles, scents and fragrances 
  • Marie-Thérèse Pinet exposed her latest creations of watercolors and encaustic paintings
And this year a new guest:
  • Gilles Ronne, Upholsterer which showed all its know-how on a chair being renovated
This year the weather was not very fine and a violent storm came to spoil the party! Fortunately we ad anticipated bad weather and had installed a tivoli before the cottage main entrance and protected access to the winery where the exhibition was extended.  
However the bad weather did not prevent many visitors to come again this year!

Marine Boutique
Marine Boutique
Les cognacs Alain et Dany Chadutaud

The sales exhibition of 12 November 2011

After several months of work, the cottage "The Distillery" was opened for vacation rental in June 2011. Once the summer season was over, we decided to open our house to gracefully artisans to enable them to exhibit and sell their products at a first exhibition and sale in mid-November.
This date was chosen collectively taking into account the requirements of each exhibitor (shows or fairs) and taking into account the proximity of Christmas and New Year, good time to anticipate Christmas gifts.
  • For this first sales exhibition, we met in Le Maine Des Rois the following artisans: 
  • Alain Chadutaud, producer of Cognac, Pineau Charentais and wine (all organic) 
  • Marine Boutique, linen and towels, lanterns and candles, scents and fragrances 
  • Marie-Thérèse Pinet, watercolors

This exhibition was by invitation only, but everyone could invite anyone he wanted. The sun was at the rendezvous of this day and the many visitors came.
Tables and chairs were installed in the old winery and outside in front of the cottage and visitors were quick to join the exhibitors with a drink or a coffee!

Taking into account the success of the exhibition, all the artisans immediately signed for a new exhibition and sale the following year!