The sales exhibition of 10 November 2012

For the second consecutive year, Le Maine Des Rois held a sales exhibition in the cottage Saturday, Nov. 10, 2012
As last year, the artisans were present:
  • Alain Chadutaud presented its range of Cognac, Pineau Charentais and wine (all 
  • organic) Marine Boutique presented its range of linens and towels, its lanterns and candles, scents and fragrances 
  • Marie-Thérèse Pinet exposaitt his latest creations watercolors and paintings in encaustic
In. And this year a new guest:
  • Gilles Ronne, Upholsterer which showed all its know-how on a chair being renovated

This year the weather was not very fine and a violent storm came to spoil the party! Fortunately we ad anticipated bad weather and had installed a tivoli before the cottage main entrance and protected access to the winery where the exhibition was extended. Howeverthe bad weather did not deter many visitors to come again this year!The team

therefore gives you an appointment in November 2013 for 3rd edition!


Marine Boutique
Marine Boutique
Les cognacs Alain et Dany Chadutaud

The sales exhibition of 12 November 2011

After several months of work, the cottage "The Distillery" was opened to the rental in June 2011. Once the season was over, we decided to open our house to gracefully artisans to enable them to exhibit and sell their products at a first sales exhibition in mid-November.
This date was chosen collectively taking into account the requirements of each exhibitor (shows or fairs) and taking into account the proximity of Christmas and New Year, good time to anticipate Christmas gifts.
  • For this first sales exhibition, we met in Le Maine Des Rois the following artisans: 
  • Alain Chadutaud, producer of Cognac, Pineau Charentais and wine (all organic) 
  • Marine Boutique, linen and towels, lanterns and candles, scents and fragrances 
  • Marie-Thérèse Pinet, watercolors

This exhibition was by invitation only, but everyone could invite anyone he wanted. The sun was the appointment of this day and the many visitors came.
Tables and chairs were installed in the old winery and outside in front of the cottage and visitors were quick to join the exhibitors with a drink or a coffee!

Given the success of the exhibition, all the artisans were immediately ready to sign to a new sales exhibition next year!